Our Menus – Cocktail

News Catering is known for excellent food. We aim for high quality and offer a wide and diverse selection of different menus.

Below are some menu options that can all be altered according to our clients’ wishes.

Cocktail menu 1

Chanterelle tostado seasoned with truffel oil
Blue cheese on a rye chip
Salmon wrap rolls with chives
Cold smoked reindeer & cream cheese on a bread from archipelago
Chevré-arugula wrap rolls

Cocktail menu 2

Teriyaki chicken skewers
Pesto marinated tomato-mozzarella skewers
Ginger-salmon crostini
Chorizo-cream cheese tostado
Spring rolls, sweet & sour

Cocktail menu 3

Cold smoked salmon & fig salad
Fresh vegetables & herb vinegrette
Shrimps & mussels
Bresaola entrecôte & horse radish dip
Pecorino & black currant compote

Cocktail menu 4

Garlic & chili marinated olives,
sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts
Chicken- farfalle salad
Green salad with fresh herbs &
cherry tomatoes, mango vinegrette
Parma ham & cantaloupe melon
Salmon-shellfish terrine
Truffle marinated mozzarella
Ciabatta & Tapenade

All the menus can be mixed and matched and altered according to your wishes. We will also gladly create a whole new menu according to your wishes and desired price range.

You can order all the alcoholic beverages through us at whole sale cost.