Our menus – Buffet

News Catering is known for excellent food. We aim for high quality and offer a wide and diverse selection of different menus.

Below are some menu options that can all be altered according to our clients’ wishes.

Buffet News

Avocado-cantaloupe salad
Caesar salad
Roasted salmon & sage
Citrus-thyme turkey & apple salsa
Chimichurri beef
Selection of bread

Italian cuisine

Romaine salad & pesto vinegrette
Marinated cherry tomatoes & mozzarella
Cantaloupe -tortellini salad
Antipasto platter (olives, sun-dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts )
Tarragon flavored mushrooms & Italian salami
Chicken & marinated beans
Grissini, ciabatta & Tapenade

Thai Buffet

Fruity green salad
Thai marinated vegetables
Spring rolls & sweet and sour
Chili-lime crayfish
Oriental chicken skewers
Soya-ginger marinated rosé beef
Vegetable wok

From the spanish coast

Andalusian tomato salad
( serrano-ham, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, onion)
Green salad
Garlic olives & herb flavored mushrooms
Piquillo peppers stuffed with cream cheese
Chili marinated shrimps
Braised veal & broad beans
Patatas bravas
(potatoes seasoned with chili & sweet pepper)
Ciabatta & tomato spread

Taste of archipelago

Green salad with vegetables & dijon vinegrette
Sillrådda & Kostasill
Country-style pate & pickles
Smoked white fish & chives-lime cremé
Raw pickled salmon & dill & News potatoes
Roast lamb coated with herbs & dark sherry sauce
Roasted root vegetables
Selection of bread & butter

Towards the summer

Strawberry-brie cheese salad & dark Balsamico vinegrette
Panzanella ( bread salad from Tuscany )
Salmon wrap rolls with chives
Serrano ham & cantaloupe melon skewers
Chicken wings & BBQ pork ribs
Salad with new potatoes
Bread & herb spread

Street food

Asian coleslaw
Papayasalad with nuts
Pulled pork pita; Long cooked pork neck, chipotle mayo, pickled red onion, apple salsa
Chili and lemongrass seasoned chicken
Meatballs & apple-tzatsiki
Naan & hummus
Strawberry pannacotta, lime suryp & strawberries

Candy shop cheesecake

All the menus can be mixed and matched and altered according to your wishes. We will also gladly create a whole new menu according to your wishes and desired price range.

You can order all the alcoholic beverages through us at whole sale cost.