Our menus- BBQ menus

It’s the time of the year to move outdoors and start enjoying the beautiful summer days and delicious barbeque. Besides our mouth-watering menus our highly qualified staff is more than happy to help you with other arrangements, such as searching for a party venue.

Take a look at our tasty BBQ menus and let’s start planning an unforgettable barbeque party!

Below you will find some examples of BBQ menus:

BBQ menu I

Tomato-mozzarella salad & strawberry vinegrette
Shrimp torpedo caesar
Hickory smoked chicken wingers
Lamb bratwurst & Mustard dip
BBQ pork ribs
Potato-spring onion salad
Bread & pesto spread

BBQ menu II

Panzanella Toscalainen leipäsalaatti
Panzanella (bread salad from Tuscany )
Salade Nicoice
Breaded crab skewers
Ginger-teriyaki flavoured roasted salmon & lime aioli
Grilled BBQ chicken wings & mango raya
Roast lamb with herbs & horseradish dip
Potato-fennel salad
Ciabatta & tapenade
Strawberry panna cotta shot

All the menus can be mixed and matched and altered according to your wishes. We will also gladly create a whole new menu according to your wishes and desired price range.

You can order all the alcoholic beverages through us at whole sale cost.